What are the judges looking for?

Our judges will be assessing excellence in ten categories. They will be looking for clear planning and strategy, coupled with excellent delivery and outcomes.

Universities should, where appropriate, provide evidence in the form of metrics that demonstrate success, as well as a narrative. Please also include examples that demonstrate the positive impact of the work.

Judges will be looking for examples of creative solutions to common challenges, innovation that has improved a university’s performance and broadened its impact, and where possible, instances of excellence that are scalable or transferrable to other higher education institutions.

Eligible countries and territories

THE Awards MENA are simple to enter and open to anyone involved in higher education in the following countries and territories:

Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Entry guidelines

This information will help you prepare your entry.

  • The entry system will open on 16 March 2023 and close on 15 May 2023 . Please note that because of the tight timetable, there will be no deadline extension.
  • Entry is free.
  • There are 10 categories in all.
  • Entries must be submitted in English.
  • These awards focus primarily on activity during the 2022 calendar year. Judges will pay special attention to initiatives completed during 2022, but submissions may be based on those that commenced prior to this period, where proof of significant activity and impact during 2022 can be included. We will also accept evidence of impact or success that has come to light during the early months of 2023.
  • All entries must be submitted online.
  • You must register in order to enter our awards. Once registered, your details will be retained on the website, so if you have entered our awards in previous years, those login details should still be valid. Your details will not be shared with any third party, and will only be used by THE for awards-related communications.
  • When logged in, entries can be drafted and redrafted as many times as you wish – please click ‘SAVE’ any time you wish to leave an incomplete submission. When you have finalised your entry, please click the ‘SUBMIT’ button.
  • The judges will be looking for a good story, well told, and backed up with solid metrics and evidence of impact.
  • Submissions must consist of (up to) 500 words of text that specifically addresses the key criteria set out for the relevant category. You may also attach one or two sets of materials that support or expand on the key points of your 500-word text. This supporting documentation should be no more than four sides of A4 in total. Please see below for more details on the supporting material requirements.
  • If you wish to submit tables or graphics, they must be included within your supporting materials, rather than forming part of the submission text.
  • We are aware that some entries may include sensitive information, so please be reassured that the 500-word submission and any supporting documents will remain confidential, and will be seen only by those assessing the entry.
  • We are also asking you to submit an edited version of the submission (150 words maximum) which will be published on this website if the entry is shortlisted, so we ask you to remove from this text any details that you wish to keep private. We will be directing people to these pages in our marketing, so this is an excellent way for your entry to receive additional attention.
  • No single submission should be entered in more than one category. If you are unsure which is the best category for your entry, please contact david.suter@timeshighereducation.com.
  • An institution may submit up to five entries per category, where projects or initiatives are distinctive and unrelated. Otherwise, we advise you to combine the best elements of each in a stronger single entry. (Please note that some categories recognise work at an institutional rather than departmental level, and this is noted at the foot of the criteria; entries to these categories should include multiple elements, covering the overall strategy.)
  • You may enter a project that has been undertaken in collaboration with an external public or private partner, but the award will be given to the winning higher education institution.
  • If your entry is based on a collaboration with other institutions, the submission should come from the lead institution. In such cases, please enter “ [lead institution], in collaboration with [other institutions] " or, in cases where the institutions are working under a collective banner or project name, “ [project name] ([list of participating institutions]) ”, in the ‘Institution‘ field on the entry form, and we will credit all institutions if shortlisted.
  • If there is no lead institution in a collaborative project, in order to avoid multiple entries focusing on the same activity, please agree who will make the submission on behalf of the partnership, and enter “ [institution a] and [institution b] ” in the ‘Institution’ field.
  • Entries can be completed by those working at institutions, or consultants working on an institution’s instruction. If you are entering on behalf of an institution, please ensure that you supply an institutional contact as well as your own.
  • If you are an individual considering submitting an entry, we ask that you let senior management and your university’s marketing team know that you are doing so (though no formal letter of approval is required by THE).
  • The shortlist will be announced on 2 August 2023 , with the winners being announced at a ceremony taking place during our THE MENA Universities Summit in Abu Dhabli in November 2023 (further details in due course).
  • If you are shortlisted, we will send you a notification email that will include your unique nomination code number. This number is also be included in the email you receive confirming your original entry, so please check that these numbers are the same.
  • For anyone experiencing problems with the website, please email THEawardsmena@timeshighereducation.com .

Entry form

To help you prepare entries, these are the specific requirements on the entry form:

  1. Nominee or key personnel (if you wish to highlight the role of specific people)
  2. Submission title or project name (if applicable)
  3. Project URL or link to further information about your entry (if applicable – this link will be published if the entry is shortlisted)
  4. Institution name*
  5. Submission text * (address specific criteria – strict limit of 500 words)
  6. Abridged submission * (will be published if the entry is shortlisted - strict limit of 150 words)
  7. Supporting material 1
  8. Supporting material 2
  9. Upload institution logo *

* mandatory field

Supporting material

Documents should be in PDF or Word doc format.

  • Supplementary documents may be submitted but should specifically support statements made in the main submission. In total, they should comprise no more than four sides of A4.
  • Supporting materials may include photographs, tables, graphs, documents containing statistics, testimonials, supporting research, evaluation or inspection reports, promotional materials and media coverage (PowerPoint and video files will not be accepted; however, you may submit screenshots).

Any information submitted outside these guidelines will not be considered as part of the submission.

Contact details

The contact details you provide in your entry form will be used by us throughout the awards process. This will be the person who receives all direct correspondence from us in relation to the awards, including acknowledgement of submission, notification of shortlisting, and marketing materials in the event of you being shortlisted and winning.

If you would like to change your main point of contact at any time during the process, please send the new person’s contact information by email to THEawardsmena@timeshighereducation.com. Please also use this email address for any questions you might have.

Please contact david.suter@timeshighereducation.com if you have any specific questions about eligibility, or if you require clarification about any of the category criteria.

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